GlideWear finds new applications in reducing friction

October 16, 2018

A variety of advanced textile products were discussed in sessions during IFAI’s Pre-Expo Conference Oct. 15. Caroline Portoghese explained how her company’s product, called GlideWear, offers innovative skin protection by reducing friction and shear to prevent skin tears and blisters. The product has been used by athletes, burn patients wearing

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NAFTA replacement has textile chapter

October 10, 2018

The United States, Mexico and Canada have concluded negotiations on a trade agreement to replace NAFTA. The text of the deal, referred to as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, was released by the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. “The U.S. textile industry is pleased the United States, Mexico and Canada

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Mechanical exoskeleton developed for manual workers

October 8, 2018

MATE exoskeleton enhances workers’ strength and performance using zero electric power. Photo: Comau. Italian technology and innovation company Comau has created MATE (muscular aiding tech exoskeleton), a wearable ergonomic support device that eases the strain of repetitive movements. Developed in collaboration with ÖSSUR, an Icelandic noninvasive orthopedic company, and IUVO,

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Origami kayak for two launched

October 1, 2018

Oru Kayak’s latest folding watercraft is a tandem—the first of its kind, says the company. The largest of Oru’s origami-inspired models, the Haven goes from box to water in about 10 minutes, an article on reports. Oru chief designer and company co-founder, Anton Willis, explained that the new foldable

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Reversible, all-season tent introduced

September 24, 2018

Photo: Billion Bricks Ltd. The makers of a new, unique tent call it “revolutionary,” but what may be most revolutionary about the company is what it does with its tents. Billion Bricks Ltd., a Singapore-based nonprofit design and technology studio, says its weatherHYDE tent is the world’s only reversible, all-season,

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Wūru Wool brings blister prevention secrets to the U.S.

September 12, 2018

Outdoor and endurance athletes may appreciate the blister-preventative properties of loose lanolin-rich wool, to be available this fall from New Zealand by Salt Lake City based brand, Wūru Wool. While New Zealanders have used loose wool for decades to reduce soreness, minimize blisters, regulate temperature, and keep feet dry, Wuru

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Unique SAF needlefelt nonwoven now available

September 10, 2018

Technical Absorbents has announced the launch of a new superabsorbent fabric. The patent-pending 100 percent SAF needlefelt nonwoven is now commercially available, according to the manufacturer. Superabsorbent SAF™ needlefelt  fabrics latest development is “truly unique,” the company says, containing only SAF and no other synthetic, natural or binder fibers. The

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Carbon nanotubes collect real-world data

September 6, 2018

A team of engineers at the University of Delaware (UD) is developing next-generation smart textiles by creating flexible carbon nanotube composite coatings on a wide range of fibers, including cotton, nylon and wool, an article in Printed Electronics World reports. Their work is documented in ACS Sensors and demonstrates that

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SensationWool Sock for pain relief is introduced

September 5, 2018

A recent release announced the introduction of Kentwool’s Sensationwool Sock, a therapeutic sock designed for the relief of foot pain. The new sock features the company’s combination of superfine Merino wool with Nufabrx nylon, which is infused with capsaicin and a synthetic cooling agent. This combination of warming and cooling

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Graphene-coated jacket prototypes released

August 30, 2018

Graphene is invisible and a single atom thick, yet reported to be the strongest, most conductive and lightest material ever discovered. But it is also expensive to produce at scale, difficult to work with and is found primarily in research labs. Despite the hurdles of working with the substance, Vollebak

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