Lunar landing anniversary marked with special socks

August 19, 2019

EnerWear marked the 50th anniversary of the first mission to the moon by creating their “Lunar Lander” socks, made with patented Outlast fabric that was tested in Space. A recent news release from the company says the new socks are crafted from phase-changing materials that can absorb, store and release

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Scientists test “artificial muscle”

August 12, 2019

A group of researchers from China and the U.S. have enabled a foil paper doll to do sit-ups, by adding a crystalline organic material to a polymer to make it more flexible. The polymer covalent organic framework, or polyCOF, was used by the scientists to build their version of an artificial muscle. To

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Wearable air conditioning in development

August 9, 2019

The Sony Startup Acceleration Program has generated a new textile technology. The Reon Pocket is a small device designed to provide wearable air conditioning. Operating via Bluetooth, the device slips into an undershirt that includes a pocket at the base of the neck and connects to an app that gives users control

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Lemon fragrance released in a textile will mask sweat

August 8, 2019

Researchers at the University of Minho in Portugal have modified cotton fabric to emit a lemon smell upon contact with sweat. A story in reports that Carla Silva, Artur Cavaco-Paulo and colleagues wanted to develop two strategies for releasing citronellol, a lemongrass-derived scent used in some insect repellents. The first approach

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Textiles team up with technology for smart medical products

August 7, 2019

by Pamela Mills-Senn Take operating room (OR) technology. In today’s ORs, one might find an array of smart surgical tools, augmented reality devices and precision robotics that assist surgeons in performing the most complex and exacting of procedures. Patients are greatly benefiting from these advancements, but this isn’t the only

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SDL Atlas shows new textile testing products line

August 6, 2019

SDL Atlas showcased at ITMA 2019 a new line of textile test materials, RemoteAccess, and the newly redesigned Vortex M6, a recent news release says. The Vortex M6 incorporates a full-color touch-screen controller that uses English and Chinese. RemoteAccess is a system for tracking real-time testing progress of instruments. The

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HeiQ launches PFC-free, dry cleanable DWR

August 2, 2019

Swiss textile manufacturer HeiQ recently launched a new fluorocarbon-free (PFC-free) product in their HeiQ Eco Dry product family of PFC-free water repellent textile technologies. These carry OEKO-TEX® labels and are bluesign® approved or pending, the company reports. The company says that the latest product adds dry cleaning durability to their durable

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“Textile sandwich” makes washable energy storage device

July 29, 2019

Fiber-based textiles are the ideal starting point for wearable electronics because they are softer, more flexible, breathable and biocompatible than plastic- or elastomer-based alternatives, according to a report in Metals, conducting polymers and carbon-based materials have all been integrated with textiles to create the building blocks of electronic textiles,

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Tukatech introduces new pattern and grading software

July 26, 2019

Tukatech, based in Los Angeles, Calif., has introduced TUKA APM, an automated pattern-making and grading software as a module within TUKAcad. The company said in a recent news release that with TUKA APM, a person of any skill level can complete a graded pattern in seconds.  The system is designed

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Mount Vernon FR announces expansion

July 25, 2019

Mount Vernon FR has announced the expansion of its operations at its Trion, Ga., facility. The additional 4,500 square feet of productionspace will be home to new flame resistant treatment equipment that is predicted to increase the company’s production and finished fabric capacity by 20 percent, a recent news release says. The

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