Serge Ferrari develops fabric virucidal technology

June 8th, 2020

Serge Ferrari Group says that it has developed a technology that can be applied to fabrics to nearly eliminate the viral load of coronavirus. Photo: Serge Ferrari Group. French material manufacturing company Serge Ferrari Group has developed and patented a virucidal technology for composite membrane surfaces that the company says is capable of eliminating coronaviruses by up […]

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Zorflex® enhances wound recovery

September 10th, 2013

Two new products from Chemviron Carbon’s Cloth Division, Zorflex® VB and Zorflex® VB Plus, have been tested by the U.K.’s Health Protection Agency, and have been proven to be both antiviral and virucidal (when tested against surrogate virus MS2-Coliphage). The inclusion of Zorflex® activated carbon cloth has been shown to considerably enhance the efficacy of […]

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