Flexible photovoltaics

October 25th, 2021

Graphene is being used in new flexible photovoltaic technologies.  President Biden’s climate agenda includes support for solar energy. by Seshadri Ramkumar The climate change issue is front and center on today’s political stage. The massive budget bill proposed by President Biden includes a climate agenda, which has also thrown a spotlight on the subject. In […]

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Textiles and energy technologies for the future

August 26th, 2019

Energy harvesting wearables offer an intriguing alternative in meeting energy needs.  by Seshadri Ramkumar The topic of this article certainly exudes interest and intrigue, but while the nonconventional textiles sector has been well established for about 50-years, the energy harvesting field is yet nascent, and commercialization hasn’t reached a level that can be well quantified. […]

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