New fabric heats on one side and cools on the other

September 27th, 2021

Set against an ordinary cotton T-shirt, a square of a new experimental textile illustrates how it can be reversed to either heat or cool. Photo: Zhejiang University/ Westlake University Scientists from China's Zhejiang University and Westlake University have created a jacket out of an experimental, reversible fabric that can both heat and cool the wearer. The […]

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Puffer jacket is solar charged for visibility

December 21st, 2020

Photo: Vollebak High-tech apparel brand Vollebak has released a its Solar Charged Puffer, a warm jacket for extreme environments that builds on its original solar charged jacket, launched in 2017.  Pure white during the day, the jacket will start glowing in the dark when it is exposed to light. In fact, one can literally write […]

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