Akcros Chemicals doubles PVC powder stabilizer capacity

July 20th, 2015

PVC mixed-metal-stabilizer technology developer Akcros Chemicals Inc. has completed a powder stabilizer manufacturing expansion at its New Brunswick, N.J., manufacturing site, effectively doubling the existing capacity. Powder stabilizers and boosters are used to prevent PVC degradation during the manufacturing process of such flexible vinyl products as flooring, roofing, tenting and wall coverings. They also aid […]

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Birdair introduces Purify Mesh 30 membrane

May 8th, 2015

  Taiyo Kogyo Corp. has launched Purify Mesh 30, which the company says is the world’s first PVC mesh membrane that incorporates TiO2 photocatalyst coating for building façade applications. Birdair, a member of the Taiyo Kogyo Group, has announced that it will carry Purify Mesh 30, providing it primarily for its North American customer base. […]

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Akcros Chemicals offers solid biocide product line

March 9th, 2015

Akcros Chemicals of New Brunswick, N.J., has announced a successful startup for manufacturing solid isothiazolone-based INTERCIDE biocide pellets at their home facility, capping off a more than $1 million investment designed to offer enhanced quality control, regulatory approvals and reliability of supply. In 2014, Akcros Chemicals and Dow Microbial Control, a Dow Chemical subsidiary, extended […]

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When is a fabric a fabric?

February 10th, 2015

This month, our featured material is not about a specific market area, per se, but rather about the challenge of commercializing new technology in any segment of the industry. There’s enough to talk about here to fill a shelf of encyclopedias (remember those?), so the challenge was to manage the topic, given the expanse of […]

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Vinyl matters

January 9th, 2014

What fabric manufacturers know about PVC fabrics that you should know, too. Many businesses in the industrial fabrics industry (Seaman Corp. among them) have shown consistent growth over decades by developing cost-effective, high-performance products that utilize vinyl—a polymer used safely and successfully in a range of applications. Today, the vinyl industry represents $54 billion of […]

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Australians join forces in new facility

November 28th, 2013

Australian fabric-structure specialists Atkins Fabrication and Structureflex have joined forces to build a fabrication facility in the Philippines. Featuring more than 5,000 square meters (16,000-plus square feet) of space, Glarfab (Global Architectural Fabrications Subic Inc.) offers decades of experience at competitive Asian prices. Glarfab exclusively supplies premium fabric architecture products and services to specialist trade, […]

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Breakwater X wins Innovation Award

October 14th, 2013

Safety Components Fabric Technologies, Greenville, S.C., recently won an Innovation Award for its Breakwater X in the Boatbuilding Methods & Materials category. The awards were presented at the 2013 International BoatBuilders Exhibition & Conference (IBEX). Breakwater X is a PVC alloy fabric with a 10-year warranty for permanent tops and enclosures. According to the company, […]

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Verseidag offers duraskin® in the U.S.

August 19th, 2013

Verseidag US, Randolph, N.J., has introduced its line of duraskin® architectural materials to the North American market. This includes PTFE coated glass and PVC/polyester material with PVDF weldable topcoat. These high-quality technical fabrics are available in several weights and widths. See Verseidag Seemee.

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