Oerlikon Nonwoven delivers meltblown technology for European masks

May 25th, 2020

Two companies newly established in Germany to manufacture and distribute high-end protective masks were in the spotlight at the beginning of May. FleeceforEurope and Lindenpartner, Düsseldorf-based Kloepfel Group purchasing consultancy, and Berlin-based industrial consultancy Bechinger & Heymann Holding plan to manufacture and distribute up to 50 million protection class FFP1 through FFP3 respiratory masks a […]

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A collaborative effort

April 27th, 2020

Textile product manufacturers step up to produce personal protective equipment. by Dara Syrkin In 1910, a doctor named Lien-teh Wu was called on to help combat a plague sweeping through northern China. He determined that the disease was not caused by fleas but was contracted through the air. A recent Fast Company article recounts this scientist’s work that […]

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