Garmatex using Kickstarter campaign to launch new line

March 6th, 2015

Vancouver, B.C.-based Garmatex Technologies has introduced the Prime4orm shirt with its first Kickstarter campaign. Subscribers to the campaign will be among the first to experience the form-enhancing shirt’s purported ability to improve muscle alignment to reduce fatigue and discomfort, while enhancing posture and performance. The Prime4orm shirt incorporates five of Garmatex’s technologies—AbsorbSkin, IceSkin, RecoverySkin, Bact-Out […]

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Garmatex launches new golf apparel technology

January 29th, 2015

Vancouver, B.C.-based performance fabric maker Garmatex Technologies has introduced two apparel technologies in January. Prime4orm is a “bio-anatomical” shirt that re-engineers body form and posture; and a new line of smart IceSkin Gear accessories help regulate body temperature in warm weather. The Prime4orm shirt aims to increase suppleness and flexibility of muscles by releasing tension […]

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Posture-improving T-shirt launches in the U.S.

January 26th, 2015

A posture-enhancing T-shirt from Paris-based clothing start-up UpCouture has begun to make an impression internationally. The company formally launched its Up Shirt in the U.S. this month. The shirt aids good posture, according to the company, because of a configuration of very thin elastic strips sewn and bonded into the garment in strategic places. This […]

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