New IPC standard reflects growth of e-textiles industry

January 27th, 2020

by Chris Jorgensen During a meeting at IPC APEX EXPO 2017, members of the e-textiles industry approached IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) to help achieve their goal of developing international standards for their burgeoning field. IPC standards are open international standards, meaning anyone can participate in the process and can influence IPC standards, and because […]

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New technology, new standard

December 20th, 2017

IPC committee seeks comments on e-textiles industry standard. In July 2017, IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) hosted the first web meeting of the IPC E-textiles Materials Subcommittee. Formed by volunteers from the e-textiles community, they had approached IPC with interest in developing industry standards for e-textiles. IPC was chosen because it is a developer of […]

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