Collaboration yields bio-based garment

March 8th, 2021

Photo: Charlotte McCurdy Designer Phillip Lim has partnered with New York-based industrial designer Charlotte McCurdy to create a dress made of a biodegradable base layer and covered in algae-grown bioplastic sequins. reports that the collaboration is part of the One X One project, an incubator organized by the Slow Factory Foundation that pairs high-profile designers with sustainability innovators. ‚ÄúSustainability in […]

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Biodegradable and recyclable prototype garments introduced

July 29th, 2019

Stella McCartney has unveiled two prototypes for her adidas collection. In an attempt to address waste in the fashion industry, McCartney has teamed up with Evrnu, a textile innovations company, to create a recyclable hoodie and a biodegradable dress. The Infinite Hoodie is made using 60 per cent Nucycl fiber, a material created from the threads of old […]

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