Floating Cloud is also a lamp

September 6, 2017

Photo: Richard Clarkson Studio Floating Cloud, a magnetically levitating ambient lamp, merges the levitation technology developed by Dutch company Crealev with the form and function of the Cloud product of Richard Clarkson Studio LLC, Brooklyn, N.Y. The result of the collaborative project is a lamp, constructed of PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate), polyester

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Jewelry functions as little robots

August 21, 2017

Used in a climate reactive clothing application, the devices move downwards to unfold the hood when they detect an increase in temperature. Photo: Jimmy Day, provided by MIT. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab are investigating how accessories can be made into mobile, adaptable “assistants.” According to the Media

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Fabric-wrapped structure surrounds award-winning “mediateque”

August 7, 2017

Photos: Nakanimamasakhlisi A few years ago, the city of Tbilisi in Georgia announced a competition to build “mediatheque” in several spots of the city. The first completed project was in Vake Park, which has now been nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2017. The entire building is surrounded

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Museum of Modern Art features digitally knit solar installation

July 24, 2017

Photos: Jenny Sabin Studio. A digitally knit structure, installed within the courtyard of New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), was the winner of MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program. The annual initiative tasks creatives with designing a temporary outdoor installation that provides shade, seating and water. “Lumen,” by the Jenny Sabin Studio is

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KI ecobe debuts a modular shoe

July 10, 2017

KI ecobe has developed a new modular shoe designed to transition from home to outdoors, to work and back again. Each part serves a different function of support or comfort. The ecobe insole, outsole, inboot, shoelaces and KI strap can be mixed and matched for a possible 10,215 combinations of

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Interactive Bodyscape lights up movement

June 26, 2017

A small gyroscope tracking shoulder movements sends data to a small microcontroller that illuminates LEDs. Photo: Behnaz Farahi An interactive, 3D printed high-fashion garment was inspired by the behavior of the human body, says its creator, Behnaz Farahi, Los Angeles–based designer and technologist. As the wearer moves, “Bodyscape” lights up

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Plastic is recycled to make architectural mesh

June 12, 2017

A floor-to-ceiling, twin layer Kaynemaile™ screen in a ruby red color has transformed an outdoor atrium at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, providing rain, wind and code-compliant fall protection. Kaynemaile™ architectural mesh, from “Lord of the Rings” set designer Kayne Horsham, draws on the designer’s experience in the

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Largest aircraft takes to the sky again

May 22, 2017

Photo: Hybrid Air Vehicles. Hybrid Air Vehicles recently completed the Airlander 10’s third test flight, which lasted almost three hours. Called the largest aircraft on the planet, it has no internal structure, but maintains its huge barrel shape due to the pressure stabilization of the helium inside the hull and the

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Let your shoes find your way

May 9, 2017

Photos: Dominic Wilcox. Dominic Wilcox has created functional GPS shoes that promise to guide the wearer to any destination, anywhere in the world. A Global Footprint project in Northamptonshire, U.K., an area famous for shoe making, commissioned Wilcox to create a pair of shoes. As he sketched his way to

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“Kitty Hawk” makes flying over water accessible

May 5, 2017

An new electric aircraft, designed to be flown over fresh water, has been introduced by Kitty Hawk Corp. Dubbed the Kitty Hawk Flyer, the aircraft has been tested and is legal to operate in the United States in uncongested areas under the ultralight category of FAA regulations. Users won’t need

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