Scientists study potential for mycelia homes in Space

February 24, 2020

Although it cannot be described as a textile, this material could replace some things that textiles provide. A team of scientists at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California is investigating and prototyping new technologies that could grow habitable structures on the moon, Mars and beyond. The technologies rely on fungi and mycelia,

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EXOlung claims unlimited air supply for divers

January 27, 2020

The EXOlung, an underwater breathing device, has been designed to give divers an unlimited air supply, its creator says. The device translates the diver’s swimming motions into air movement, keeping breathing air flowing—as long as the diver keeps swimming. EXOlung uses a buoy that floats on the surface of the

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Cuttlefish inspires soft material turbines

January 13, 2020

Inspired by the cuttlefish’s undulating fin motion, startup company Undula Tech LLC has developed a turbine using soft material that can harvest the energy in flowing air and water. The goal, is to make renewable energy accessible and affordable worldwide.  Its Undula Generator is, by design, more adaptable, sustainable and cost-effective

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Wood pulp and algae T-shirt decomposes at end-of-life

November 25, 2019

Tech-based clothing startup Vollebak has launched a T-shirt made entirely from wood pulp and algae. The shirt will break down in soil or in a composter within three months. Photo: Vollebak. Vollebak sources wood from eucalyptus, beech and spruce trees, which are chipped and pulped before being turned into fiber,

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Artificial skin may provide a natural feel for smartphones.

November 7, 2019

Scientists have developed a new product called Skin-On that’s meant to look and feel like a human, as well as react to caressing, tickling and pinching. According to an article on, the interfaces are sensitive cases that can be attached to mobile phones, wearable devices and laptop touchpads to increase

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“Sleep Robot” encourages restful sleep

October 25, 2019

The Somnox Sleep Robot is designed to help users fall asleep by mimicking breathing patterns.The device was developed by a team of engineers who met at the Robotics Institute of the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. The soft robot is meant to be cuddled like a teddy bear, helping to induce slow,

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Walking again with a brain-controlled exoskeleton

October 21, 2019

A 65 kilogram robotic suit has helped a paralyzed man walk again. The suit uses advanced computer software and two brain implants that read and transmit information from the part of the patient’s brain that controls motor function. Photo: Fonds de Dotation Clinatec  (Clinatec Endowment Fund) Grenoble. As reported on,

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YSL will launch Google Jacquard™ backpack

September 23, 2019

Photo: Saint Laurent and Google Project Jacquard. According to Google, Cit-e Backpack by Saint Laurent (YSL), featuring Jacquard™ by Google Technology, is “the first connected luxury backpack that can control music, drop pins on the go, take pictures, and do more with a simple gesture.” According to, the backpack

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Magnetics used to make “anti-gravity” shoes

September 3, 2019

Japanese artist and designer Yukako Hihara has created a pair of shoes that uses magnetic forces to create the physical sense of walking on the moon. The “anti-gravity” shoes were created as part of an experiment to offer consumers a product that made them feel like they were flying. To create shoes that

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Squid-inspired jacket reflects full color spectrum

August 26, 2019

Vollebak’s Black Squid jacket, inspired by the ocean creature, is able to reflect all colors of the visible light spectrum. Innovative sportswear and sports gear company, Vollebak, has launched a jacket that will reflect all colors of the visible light spectrum. The Black Squid Jacket is a fully waterproof and

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