Each issue of Advanced Textiles Source will provide unique content focusing on a particular market area of the advanced textiles industry. To offer your expertise and information on upcoming topics, please contact Janet Preus, editor: jlpreus@ifai.com.


2017 featured content

January What’s happening with carbon fiber?
February Progress in kinetic energy
March The business of smart fabrics: how the fashion, electronics and textiles industries are collaborating
April Patent law for innovators
May Thermal control: apparel and beyond
June The new nonwovens: research and beyond
July How antimicrobials are used in textiles
August Multi-functionality in protective textiles
September Trade issues for high-tech textiles and products
October AT conference report
November Narrow fabrics and small-scale advanced textiles
December Progress in sustainable materials and processes

2016 featured content

January The use of textiles in the aeronautics industry
February Developments in nanotechnology for coatings and finishes
March Photovoltaics and fabrics
April Responsive fabrics (thermal control and color changing)
May From e-textiles to e-fibers and yarns
June The business of standards
July Protective materials for industrial environments
August Today’s fabric architecture
September Textile product priorities for the U.S. Military
October Sustainability vs. innovation
November AT Conference reports
December Advances in medical textiles

2015 featured content

January Today’s engineered flexible composites
February Commercializing new technologies
March Photovoltaics and kinetic energy
April Surface modification of textiles for improved performance
May New FR regulations: what advanced textiles can provide
June Aerospace and aeronautics markets
July The role of narrow fabrics in advanced textiles markets
August Medical products: Progress in palliative and regenerative technologies
September Testing, standards and anti-counterfeiting technologies
October IFAI Innovation Award and Expo (AT) presentations
November New technologies: Legal issues and patents
December Safety and protective markets

2014 featured content

January The military and smart textiles
February Commercializing energy harvesting
March Health and wellness textiles markets
April Hazmat update
May Protective products in industrial environments
June Advanced textiles in large-scale structures
July Cleanroom and hygiene markets
August Invisibility technologies
September Interactive textiles in sports markets
October Medical products
November Military markets
December Sustainability

2013 featured content

July Carbon fiber, its attributes and versatility, and market outlook
August Anti-ballistics and blast protection
September Antimicrobials and the silver controversy
October Photovoltaics and architectural applications
November The market for sustainability in advanced textiles
December Advancements in thermal protection and control