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Toray develops plant-based nylon

EcoNote | January 24, 2022 | By:

Japanese textile company Toray has launched a nylon fiber made entirely from plant-derived polymers. Toray says its new material, Ecodia ® N510, displays the same physical characteristics as conventional petroleum-derived nylon, with the equivalent strength and heat resistance, and excellent dimensional stability against humidity.

The company has also announced its new ecodear® brand, which will integrate biopolymer materials and products. As part of this brand, the fiber will be used principally to make sportswear and outdoor clothing. The sustainable textile will go on sale for the autumn/winter 2023 season. 

In the future, the company expects to make further improvements in the material by reducing the thickness of the fibers to reduce weight and making the cross-sectional shape of the fiber irregular to increase functionality. The company’s new product is part of its efforts to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050. 

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