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International Achievement Awards showcased at IFAI Expo

In the Industry | November 8, 2021 | By:

J. Miller Canvas constructed a boot to cover a telescope system used at the South Pole. Photo: J. Miller Canvas

Projects and products in industrial fabrics markets were recognized with 2021 International Achievement Awards, showcased in a special area on the show floor at IFAI Expo recently in Nashville. Projects in advanced textiles showed the scope of products and industries served in this market area. 

BICEP Array Telescope Boot

J. Miller Canvas received an Award of Excellence, Best in Category, Automotive & Aerospace for a “boot” used to protect the BICEP Array telescope from the extreme environmental conditions at the South Pole in Antarctica. With temperatures down to -90 degree Celsius, it was critical to keep the mechanical components of the drive systems, instruments and scientists inside warm.

The boot consists of a windproof and thermally insulated cover supported by an articulated skeleton made of light tubular frames designed to accommodate the full kinematic of the Telescope. The cover is made in two halves to facilitate handling, connected to each other with laces and Velcro. The materials and construction of the cover make it possible for the boot to maintain its flexibility at the lowest temperature, and to withstand heavy duty cycles during astronomical observations for the 10-year lifetime of the telescope.


The LOG3Mask received an Award of Excellence in the Protective and Functional Apparel category. Designed by Claros Technologies and manufactured by Airtex Group, the mask is a novel face covering design aimed at minimizing air leakage and maximizing wearer comfort by adjusting key dimensions of a standard facemask design. 

The mask utilizes a three-layer design of high-quality materials to increase particulate filtration to over 80 percent, while minimizing airflow resistance to maintain a high level of breathability for extended use. Claros has also integrated its novel ZioShield® technology, an eco-friendly textile treatment which has been shown by third-party testing to inactivate up to 99.9 percent (Log 3) of viruses within 10 minutes, as well as eliminate 99.9999 percent (Log 6) of bacteria to provide a self-disinfecting finish. 

It has also been shown by dermatology testing to be hypoallergenic. The ZioShield® treatment maintains efficacy over 100 laundering cycles, which means the LOG3Mask is a highly attractive reusable product which can resolve many of the sustainability issues presented by disposable and limited use masks.

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