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New funding supports a garment recycling push

EcoNote | June 14, 2021 | By:

Resortecs® makes a sewing thread that dissoslves in high temperatures. Photo: Resortec. 

Resortecs® announces that it has raised €960k for industrial disassembling ovens and dismantable rivet buttons, as part of its effort to increase clothing recycling by making it more cost-effective and efficient. The company currently produces a stitching thread that dissolves in high temperatures, replacing the need for more labor-intensive and expensive processes. The dissolvable sewing threads are made with bio-sourced polyamide and have been specially developed for denim and workwear applications, and can be used on both personal and commercial sewing machines. 

The company is currently raising €350k extra in convertible notes for sorting equipment that will be connected to the disassembling oven. With those funds we will be able to put in place our complete solution that will enable brands to dismantle and reuse materials from unsold and returned goods at the highest quality and at industrial scale,” says Cédric Vanhoeck, executive lead.

The first disassembling oven will be placed at the Purfi manufacturing facility. Purfi manufacturing is a joint venture of the American technology provider Purfi global and the Belgian textile group Concordia Textiles. 

Together, Resortecs and Purfi will be able to disassemble and recycle textiles from garments without loss of quality. In this manner, garment-to-garment recycling becomes possible at an industrial scale and in a cost-effective manner. 

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