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Battelle deploys decontamination system for reusing N95 masks

COVID-19, News, What's New? | April 8, 2020 | By:

Science and technology research organization Battelle has received an emergency go-ahead from the FDA to deploy its decontamination system for personal protective equipment (PPE), allowing healthcare workers to clean and reuse N95 respirator masks.

The system is currently operating at Battelle’s Ohio facility—capable of processing up to 80,000 masks per machine, per day, within what looks like a large metal shipping container—and has been working to help stretch supplies for the OhioHealth system based in Columbus.

Using concentrated hydrogen peroxide vapor, the filters are gassed for two and a half hours to destroy bacteria, viruses and other contaminants, including the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. According to the company, the system can clean the same N95 mask up to 20 times without degrading its performance.

Battelle previously engaged with the FDA from 2014 to 2016 to study the use of its decontamination machine in the midst of a potential pandemic and PPE shortage. Currently, the company is exploring its use outside of N95 masks to other equipment such as ventilator components.

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