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Company designs firefighting gear for women

What's New? | March 20, 2020 | By:

After five years of research and development, a women-owned company focused on making firefighter uniforms for wildland firefighters said it’s ready to launch a line of female-specific uniforms. A report in says Green Buffalow will soon be taking pre-orders for uniforms that address several key problems with conventional uniforms made in what’s largely a male-dominated field. 

According to the company, there’s no current size chart in the standard for female upper torso garments, and lower torso female sizing is “almost a mirror image of the men’s lower torso size table.” Furthermore, restrictive design requirements cause for ill-fitting garments, they said, which can lead to injury. 

The company has partnered with industry experts to design uniforms that will reduce heat stress and allow optimal movement.

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