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Devan Chemicals launches new technologies

May 24th, 2019 / By: / EcoNote

Devan Chemicals launched two new technologies at Techtextil this year: Bio-flam, a bio-based flame retardant (FR) treatment and Odour Breakdown, a non-biocidal odour control product. Bio-flam is made from renewable, vegetable sources and enables the FR-treated products to be biodegradable. The active components are halogen- and heavy metal-free, the company reports.

Bio-flam P307 is designed to be used on 100 percent cotton or cotton/viscose mixtures. The product is intended for mattress ticking to pass EN 597 1&2. The Devan researchers are developing other bio-based products for other market segments and for other fire standards, the company states.

The company reports its technologies aim to meet the challenge to obtain flame retardant properties in the most natural way, to find the right balance between safety for people and the planet.

Devan’s Odour Breakdown is designed to capture and neutralize malodours produced by the bacteria breaking down acids in sweat. The technology also reportedly reduces the adherence of bacteria on the fabrics, allowing them to be home laundered easily. 

The product has different application levels, based on an individual product need. The desired wash durability will determine the level of application, the company says.

The aim of the product is to enable consumers to wash less and at lower temperatures without compromising comfort and hygiene. The product can be combined with Devan’s Moov&Cool technology, designed to help users cool during sports activities.

Devan Chemicals is a worldwide developer of specialty chemicals for textiles, headquartered in Belgium and with offices in the U.K., Portugal and the U.S.