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Closing the loop on sulfur control

EcoNote | May 20, 2019 | By:

Danish company Haldo Topsoe A/S has developed a new catalytic solution, Preferential Oxidation Catalysis, an alternative to traditional scrubbing methods for controlling sulfur compounds found in lean off- gases. According to the manufacturer, unlike traditional scrubbing, Preferential Oxidation Catalysis does not consume sodium hydroxide nor produce wastewater.

A recent Innovation in Textiles article reports that the new technology has demonstrated the ability to selectively treat sulfur compounds to remove hydrogen sulfide from emissions while retaining carbon disulphide, which can be reused in a closed-loop viscose production process.

The innovation was developed and tested in a laboratory and at an industrial plant in collaboration with viscose manufacturer Birla Cellulose of the Aditya Birla Group. Later in 2019, Haldo Topsoe plans to build a large-scale demonstration plant in China with the Zhongtai Group.

“With the demonstration plant we expect to validate that this new solution cuts cost, secures efficient reuse of carbon disulfide and reduces sulfur emissions,” said Mr. He, president assistant, Zhongtai Group.

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