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JRC-Reflex introduces dual-tone reflective material

What's New? | May 14, 2019 | By:

Light-reflective specialist JRC-REFLEX is presenting two new product ranges at the Performance Days trade show in Munich, Germany, May 8 and 9. JRC-REFLEX has developed an innovative process that gives its products novel two-tonal variations. These new ranges expand on the palette of pastel colors the company launched in 2018. 

White Metal and Black Metal add a new design feature to retro-reflective materials by introducing the possibility of varying the color they will reflect when hit with light. Like all JRC-REFLEX products, these two new ranges are certified OekotexClass 1.

“White Metal and Black Metal create a magical effect when reflecting light, and offers brands many new design possibilities,” says company CEO Céline Cugerone. 

The company has developed a dyeing method that enables the micro-bead embedded material to reflect a different color when a source of light is directed at it. The standard range pairs white or black with the pastel tones introduced last year, but the company can customize the color combination to a brand’s specific needs. 

The White Metal range will have a white metallic aspect in its natural “non-activated” state but will reflect a predetermined color when a light is shown on the fabric. The Black Metal range, similarly, will be black when not submitted to a source of luminosity, and will shine in a different color in headlights. The glass bead-embedded materials are available in a stretch fabric for easy integration into activewear styles. 

JRC-REFLEX is a manufacturer of high-quality retro-reflective fabrics and trimming. Founded in 1988, the company is based in Romans, France and its factory is located in Bergamo, Italy.

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