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Devan joins consortium

March 21st, 2019 / By: / EcoNote, Industry News

Devan Chemicals is participating in a new consortium consisting of 17 European partners representing all links in the value chain: research and innovation, design, manufacturing and nongovernmental organizations, an article in Innovation in Textiles reports.  

The consortium’s DECOAT initiative will explore methods of separating coatings from base materials. Devan’s role will be to develop microcapsules triggered by the application of heat to release an active core ingredient. The core material could promote the separation and detachment of coating layers, allowing the base materials to be recycled or reused. Devan’s plan is to develop and evaluate multiple core ingredients and processes for each type of coating matrix. 

The project is funded by the European Union and focuses on the plastics industry meeting the ambitious goal of having 50 percent of plastics be recyclable. The consortium aims to decrease by 75 percent the amount of coated articles, including automotive components, electronics and clothing that end up in landfills.