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Safe landing for athletes’ knees

March 13th, 2019 / By: / What's New?

Athletes risk injury when landing from a jump. To offset that risk, designer Hubert Chen has developed the Safe Landing Garment (SLG), a compression garment that incorporates 3D printing.

Physics can wreak havoc with athletes’ knees. Chen says, “When landing from a jump, athletes can experience up to seven times their own body weight.” The SLG garment is meant to ensure alignment, without a brace or professionally applied tape, to reduce the risk of injury.

The garment prototypes incorporated flexible polyurethane filament. Different sizes of patterns and wall thicknesses were tested to ensure the compression pattern could withstand pull forces. By using 3D printing directly on the fabric, the garment’s compression pattern can be customized for athletes and their specific needs.

Sources: Hubert Chen and designboom