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Devan fabric promotes deep sleep

Industry News, News | January 30, 2019 | By:

Devan Chemicals, based in Belgium, has added cannabidiol (CBD) to its R-Vital sleep-promoting range of microencapsulated active ingredients that enhance textiles with anti-oxidative effects. The CBD tincture or extract has a balancing effect that helps facilitate a good night’s sleep, the company reports. CBD is extracted from hemp, a non-psychoactive type of cannabis.

Encapsulated substances, such as CBD and valerian root to aid sleep, can be applied to bedding and sleepwear fabrics. When the skin touches the fabric, the resulting friction causes the capsules to break, releasing the ingredients to the body.

The company is also incorporating argan oil capsules in the R-Vital range of sheets, pillow covers and sleepwear, with the intention of promoting skin hydration during sleep. A blend of Ubiquinol (Q10), sea kelp and thyme oil has also been incorporated into the R-Vital range to offer sports recovery and anti-aging effects through textiles.

Devan Chemicals focuses on the development of unique and innovative solutions with added value for worldwide textile markets.

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