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Safety in style: the foldable bike helmet

January 16th, 2019 / By: / What's New?

The Park & Diamond helmet is named after the intersection where David Hall’s sister was riding her bike and was involved in a hit-and-run that left her in a coma for months. That event inspired co-founders Hall and Jordan Klein to find a solution to protect bikers. Photos: Park & Diamond.

Even though a bike helmet is essential for protection, many people won’t wear one because it’s uncomfortable, inconvenient or not particularly attractive. Two former SpaceX engineers hope to change that. Co-founders David Hall and Jordan Klein have introduced Park & Diamond™, a helmet that looks and feels like a traditional baseball cap—yet complies with U.S., Canadian and European Union safety standards.

Park & Diamond consists of four layers of protection: 3-D mesh fabric, EVA foam, a polycarbonate shell and a proprietary composite layer. In a collision with a traditional helmet, EPS foam material releases the energy back to the individual’s head during impact, increasing the momentum change experienced and creating a greater potential for a head injury. The patented protective composite material in the Park & Diamond helmet offers protection that is claimed to be three times more efficient at absorbing and dissipating energy, reducing the force of impact to the head.

Both stylish and comfortable, the foldable bike helmet adjusts for size, and the interchangeable skins are available in black, blue and gray. Weighing just ten ounces, the helmet can collapse to the size of a water bottle to store in a backpack or handbag. The fabric layer is washable and replaceable. For more information, visit