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Vegan “leather” footwear launched

What's New? | December 31, 2018 | By:

Photo: Thies.

German family-run brand Thies has launched a footwear line made from “olivenleder,”
a vegan leather created from olive leaves. The shoes are created via a process offered by wet-green®. Developed by a company of the same name, the product is a plant-based concentrate produced from an aqueous olive leaf extract.

This patented method for producing leather uses the same substance developed by the olive tree to ward off predators. The active ingredient in the tanning process is recovered from the leaves of the olive tree using a method similar to brewing tea. According to wet-green, during the olive harvest and pruning, leaves account for around 10 percent of the harvest weight and in many locations the leaves would otherwise be burned.

Olivenleder shoes are available for women, men and children. The children’s shoes are completely made from the olive leather. The adult sneakers are made with olivenleder upper, lining and insole and have a rubber outsole.

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