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PFOA-free repellent for nonwovens developed

EcoNote | December 17, 2018 | By:

AGC Chemicals Americas has developed AsahiGuard E-Series fluorinated repellents that are free of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and made for nonwoven fabrics. Drawing on fluorine’s properties, the chemicals provide protection and durability against water, oil and dry soil without changing the texture, color or breathability of a fabric or material, the company reports.

The products are based on AGC’s patented short-chain C6 polymerization technology that are meant to support industry environmental initiatives and provide a sustainable alternative to long-chain C8 technology.

The company says that AsahiGuard repellents are nonflammable, odorless and transparent when treated and can be applied to nonwoven materials before or after installation. They are designed to be compatible with auxiliary agents and provide a breathable, low-friction finish that repels water and releases stains.
Industry regulators have evaluated the repelling agents and determined them to be safe and effective for use in a variety of nonwoven applications, such as medical products, automotive textiles, clothing, uniforms and personal protective equipment.

AGC Chemicals Americas Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of AGC Inc., a multinational corporation and manufacturer of glass, electronic displays and chemical products.

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