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EuroFibers introduces sister company, EuroFabrics

Industry News, News | December 4, 2018 | By:

EuroFibers, a Dutch supplier of high-performance fibers, introduced its new sister company EuroFabrics, a recent release announces. EuroFabrics is a key distributor in Europe, the Middle East and Africa of American SuperFabric, an abrasion-resistant and cut-resistant fabric, and it is a supplier of BodyShield.

EuroFabrics offers performance fabrics with features like cut, slash, abrasion or fire resistance. Many of the fabrics are based on high-performance fibers including Dyneema, Twaron, Technora and Vectran.

General Manager Marcel Alberts noted the company’s ability to offer high-performance fabric solutions is due in part to its “extensive network with fiber producers, knitters, weavers and finishers worldwide.”

“We set ourselves apart by offering small quantities for prototyping purposes, but also large commercial volumes for large-scale production, tailored to the needs of our customers,” Alberts said.

EuroFibers is a supplier of high-performance fibers and has processing plants in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

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