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Textile is designed to shred bullets

November 26th, 2018 / By: / What's New?

Echelon Materials has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the production of its proprietary loom required to produce TiTek, a recent release from the company says. TiTek is a patented lightweight, flexible fabric designed to shred high-powered conical/rifle rounds.

According to the company, the fabric responds to today’s increasing threats on law enforcement personnel from high-powered rifles.

TiTek fabric weaves tiny, sharp-edged titanium discs into the plane of the fabric. Incoming rounds are shredded as they pass by the discs’ sharp edges. The debris is captured by the armor’s backing layers, which use materials such as aramids or polyethylenes. TiTek-infused armor uses the bullet’s own energy to cut it apart, destroying it and making it easier to stop.

TiTek is also reported to be flexible and is designed to conform to the body, offering protection and ease of movement to both male and female officers.

The Indiegogo campaign has a funding goal of $825,000, which will go toward the manufacture of the loom able to mass produce TiTek fabric for the marketplace. Supporters of the campaign will be able to claim a vest, shield and/or backpack infused with TiTek fabric as a reward.