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New weaves, color palette for sling fabrics

November 16th, 2018 / By: / What's New?

Serge Ferrari has launched its 2019 collection for two of its sling mesh fabrics, Batyline Duo and Batyline Iso, a recent release says.

Batyline Iso is Serge Ferrari’s original sling fabric. Coated high-tenacity polyester yarns are threaded one in warp and one in weft for a square-weave pragmatic construction. Most Iso fabrics are single color, but the 2019 collection offers a two-color weave. Batyline Duo coated high-tenacity polyester yarns are woven one thread in warp and two in weft, which creates three-dimensional depth, the company says.

To respond to the current color and fabric needs of designers and furniture manufacturers, the company consulted with European designers and color experts to produce 28 colors for the Batyline Duo range and 31 for the Batyline Iso range, which are stocked and available.

Serge Ferrari is a manufacturer of flexible composite membranes used globally for the solar protection, architectural, building facade, acoustics, modular structure, marine, furniture and visual communication markets.