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Textile waste is turned into dye powders

November 12th, 2018 / By: / EcoNote

Officina+39, an Italian textile chemical company, is preparing to scale up the production of Recycrom colour powders made from used clothing and textile waste. The new technology developed by Officina+39 uses 100 percent recycled materials to create long-lasting colors with a natural washed-out look. The product offers a range of pigment powders using textile fibers from used clothing and manufacturing waste.

By transforming textile waste into pigments, the company says that Recycrom is the gentlest dye in the industry. Through a production process using only natural chemicals, fabric fibers are crystalized into a fine powder that can be used as a pigment dye for fabrics and garments made of cotton, wool, nylon or other natural fibers and blends. It can be applied using various methods, including exhaustion dyeing, dipping, spray, screen printing and coating.

In contrast to other dyes, Recycrom is applied as a suspension and not as part of a chemical solution. It’s therefore easily filtered from the water – cutting both costs and environmental impact. Since Recycrom uses 100 percent recycled materials, slight color variation can occur with larger productions. However, if required, these inconsistencies can be adjusted by using less than 1 percent of a traditional dye. Brands can also collaborate with Officina+39 to make custom dyes from their own scraps and textile waste.

The company won the Hightex Award at Munich Fabric Start for Autumn/Winter 17/18 for the product.