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Avalon debuts unmanned airship

October 3rd, 2018 / By: / EcoNote

The EOS from Avalon Airships is the company’s new zero-emission, unmanned airship, which has been designed from the ground up to cater to a wide range of roles across multiple industries. The vehicle could be used to improve policing, surveillance, ambulance and rescue services, in farming, and in commercial settings to haul freight, for entertainment events.

The new airship utilizes an electric drivetrain and a streamlined hybrid design, allowing it to operate silently at high speeds for long periods. Paired with fully autonomous operation, it can operate day or night, with little downtime and at minimal cost.

It has a 300 mile-plus range, the ability to fly at various altitudes, and the craft lands on water, which the company says offers many options for landing locations. When it lands, its ballast system rapidly sucks up water, increasing its net weight and preventing accidental take-off for safe and reliable operations.

For police, surveillance, ambulance and rescue service applications, EOS is equipped with a remotely piloted drone, which allows it to give direct aid in emergencies, and storage compartments allow the drone to carry a range of medical and survival payloads.