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U.S. Military working on more unity among uniforms

September 18th, 2018 / By: / Industry News, News

In a recent article, Bloomberg reports that the U.S. Military will work to unify its uniforms as more of the branches of the Military work together. All have dress uniforms, as well as a wide gamut to fit the needs of warfighters in mountain, woodland and desert climates.

Air Force Major General Robert LaBrutta is leading the transition, which will affect how 2.5 million service members dress. “We’re not only in the air, we are on the ground in combat situations on a day-to-day basis,” LaBrutta said.

Transitions in uniforms began in 2015 when the Army began phasing out earlier camouflage uniforms and adopting the Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP). In 2017, the Navy issued a new pattern similar to OCPs in place of its blue camouflage. The new tan, green and black patterned uniform responds to sailors’ pleas for more lightweight and breathable comfort.

The Air Force is now moving to follow the Army, and Airmen also will wear the OCP—at an air base in Afghanistan or in an office at the Pentagon. The article notes that LaBrutta’s team has received positive responses from service personnel who have worn the Air Force OCP including approval for how it fits both genders.