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Peelaways sheets for home and health care launched

What's New? | August 24, 2018 | By:

After more than three years in development, Peel Away Labs has presented its waterproof multilayer bed sheet, a recent release announced. Peelaways sheets are designed to be changed by simply pulling down the sheet from one corner, to peel away the old sheet and reveal a fresh one underneath.

Health experts say sheets in the home should be changed every seven to 10 days due to bacteria, fungi, animal dander, pollen and other microbes found on beds, the company states.

The sheets are targeted to consumers who care for elders and to parents with newborns or children who wet the bed. The fitted sheets range in size from crib to king and have a breathable membrane designed to allow cool sleeping conditions.

According to the company, two U.S. health care services companies, Cardinal Health and McKesson, are distributing Peelaways sheets for hospitals and long-term care facilities as well as to durable media equipment stores and independent pharmacies. Hospitals are evaluating the sheets to assess their effect on patient comfort, health care personnel time, and occurrences of hospital-acquired infections.

South Africa’s private hospital system, Netcare, has begun a pilot project with the disposable sheets in response to dire water shortages. A partnership with newly created Peelaways South Africa and Peelaways Africa are distributing the sheets to hospitals, mining companies and sporting goods companies, the release states.

An early Peelaways prototype was first shown on the TV program Shark Tank in 2016. The sheets are now available from online vendors.  Peel Away Labs was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Jersey City, N.J. It markets Peelaways, CampAPeel and CribAPeel disposable sheets.

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