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Functioning QR codes are woven into a jacket

July 23rd, 2018 / By: / Out There

Photo: Julie Helles Eriksen

Artist Julie Helles Ericksen has created a jacket with QR codes woven into it that can access digital information as the wearer shares it. According to Ericksen, “We communicate to others through what we wear, what we post on social media and what we choose to hide. We curate ourselves to present different versions.”

Ericksen says that our physical lives and digital lives feel separate, and has designed a garment that merges these facets of our lives “to reveal a more real truth of the person.”

Since our smart phones are the key to our communications, the garment utilizes the phone as the way to unlock the different personalities of the wearer. Its woven QR codes that link to the wearer’s social media accounts, for example, can be scanned to access the information. But that’s not all. “As the wearer moves the garment unfolds, revealing new QR codes and allowing different information to be accessed and a more complex identity of the wearer to appear.” Ericksen says.