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Eucalyptus fiber textiles are biodegradable

EcoNote | July 23, 2018 | By:

Photo: SOLVE.

A design studio has launched clothing designed to discourage excessive consumption. The OMDANNE collection by Romanian-Danish studio SOLVE makes use of natural, renewable resources and product life-cycle traceability to create sustainable, multifunctional and compostable clothing. The collection includes three pieces of clothing that can transform into more than 10 styles each, from jumpsuits and dresses, to trousers and jackets. Each piece is 100 percent biodegradable. reports that the material used in the collection is made from 100 percent TENCEL lyocell fiber, a man-made cellulosic fiber. Powerful magnets are used to fix the garment in place and create different styles. The magnets are detachable so the clothes can be safely composted or placed in the soil at the end of their life cycle.

Photo: SOLVE.

According to the studio, the fashion industry produces 53 million tons of clothing annually, 87 percent of which ends up in landfills, becoming waste that emits methane, a greenhouse gas. In contrast, the OMDANNE collection follows the principles of a circular economy. To ensure the garments contain no harmful chemicals and maintain their ability to biodegrade, the designer conducted in-depth research about the processes, chemical reactions and solvents used for the production of the fiber as well as the finished textile.

OMDANNE begins from eucalyptus trees from sustainably-managed forests. The fiber is produced in a closed-loop system recovering almost 100 percent of the organic solvent used in the process. The fabric is made in a certified sustainable manufacturing process with no harmful chemicals used and in a certified fair-trade production facility. E-commerce is used to sell the products, a practice that uses considerably less energy than traditional retail.

Photo: SOLVE.

In terms of durability, a sturdy woven fabric with a high thread density and a weight over 200 g/m2 was chosen. Additionally, the design is meant to have a timeless aesthetic with clean shapes that will never go out of style, with the goal of creating lasting value.

More than two-thirds of a garment’s carbon footprint occurs in its care, but the clothing’s TENCEL® fabric wicks moisture away from your body, preventing bacteria growth and unpleasant odors. Instead of washing, the clothes can be aired outside to regain freshness.

OMDANNE will be presented in Antwerp, Belgium, at the SuperNova Tech Fair in September 2018.

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