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FixIt plastic is an eco-friendly household repair product

July 5th, 2018 / By: / EcoNote

Chris Lefteri Design has launched what it claims is the world’s first compostable, hand-moldable plastic stick meant put quick fixes for ordinary challenges back in the hands of the user.

The plastic stick softens in 60 °C water and can then be molded to patch or handle any number of household or office repairs. Completely re-usable, the eco-plastic sticks allow consumers to enjoy a new level of DIY instead of throwing away items and buying new, according to a recent  article on

Design Studio founder Chris Lefteri is also the author of several books on materials. He is launching FixIts as a product that can have a positive influence on the environment by focusing on fixing rather than disposing of products. Lefteri discovered the material while researching his first book on plastics in 2000.

“We need to come at the sustainability issue from a new angle,” he says. “It’s no longer going to be about using guilt as an emotion to drive consumers to think twice about their carbon footprint; it’s about making recycling fun, desirable and driving an approach that means you want to do good rather than the traditional approach of thinking that you should do good.”

The product is made from a plastic that softens at a much lower temperature than average plastics and exploits the main property of thermoplastics which is that they can be repeatedly heated, cooled and heated again.