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Facial recognition technology used in adidas display

Out There | June 25, 2018 | By:

Adidas has commissioned designer Behnaz Farahi to create a display case with the ability to “read” facial expressions and respond to them. According to the designer, the emotive display called “Mesolite” was designed to showcase an adidas concept shoe. The name is a reference to Mesolite crystals, which it closely resembles in its appearance. The project is intended to show how facial tracking technology can engage the viewer by interacting with the viewer’s facial expression. This could be, it is suggested, be a valuable tool in retail settings.

A series of tubular LED lights change color and movement, depending on the facial expression detected. The shoe inside the case also responds by rotating to “show itself off” to the viewer. A computing system integrated into the case has a “brain” and four micro-controllers that processes the data received, drives the motor and prompts the LEDs to react.

Farahi as an artist and designer is interested in exploring the potential of interactive environments and their relationship to the human body through the implementation of emerging technologies in contemporary art and architecture practice. Her goal is “to enhance the relationship between human beings and the built environment,” her website says.


Video: Bahnaz Farahi.

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