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Textile art pays homage

June 19th, 2018 / By: / Out There

Photo: Tamara Kostianovsky

Textile artist Tamara Kostianovsky’s latest creations, a series called Tree Stumps, uses strips of fabric gleaned from her late father’s clothing.

The intricately layered detailed forms are an allusion to her father’s body returning to the environment after his passing. Kostianovsky was inspired by Andean people who believe that Mother Earth is embodied in the surrounding mountains.

The artist developed an interest in the human body while working at a surgeon’s office when she was younger and now creates work that examines muscle and bone.

Kostianovsky explained in an artist statement that by fusing “the shapes of severed tree stumps of different forms and sizes to a palette indicative of the insides of the body, [the series] pays homage to the cultural heritage of the people of Latin America, while presenting an alternative way of thinking about our post-industrial relationship to nature.”