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Myant and STOLL unveil Digital Textile Factory

June 8th, 2018 / By: / Industry News

STOLL, a German 3D knitting machinery company, and Myant Inc., a Canadian textile computing company, have announced the launch of their Digital Textile Factory. A recent article in Printed Electronics World reports that the collaboration weaves together STOLL’s 140-plus years of 3D knitting expertise with Myant’s proprietary biometric sensing and actuation technology.

The digital factory is designed to provide a foundation for textile computing, a new industry category that blends advancements in material science and engineering, integrating sensors and actuators into textiles to connect to the Internet of Things.

The factory is expected to give innovators access to virtual research and development, ideation, and design and manufacturing at scale. It is also projected to help establish standards related to textile computing across industries, including wellness, transportation and health care.

“The Digital Textile Factory’s purpose will be to tackle quality assurance, validation testing and localized production, for which custom projects can be sent to an encrypted cloud system that can produce textile computing products worldwide,” said Andreas Schellhammer, chief executive officer of STOLL.