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Accel Lifestyle launches Kickstarter campaign

What's New? | May 14, 2018 | By:

After nearly two years of research and development, Accel Lifestyle has announced the launch of its athleisure brand with a Kickstarter campaign on May 1.

Accel Lifestyle founder Megan Eddings says the fabric uses a protected science that is free of chemicals, and each garment comes with an inspirational quote; it as “an ethical fashion line,” she says.

Eddings used her chemistry background to understand “the science behind the stink” and produced an antimicrobial fabric that is said to keep Accel Lifestyle’s clothing smelling fresh, even after strenuous workouts.

“From the fibers to the finished garments, Accel Lifestyle is sourced and made in the USA. I have personally visited every mill, knitter and supplier to ensure fair wages and proper treatment of the workers,” she says. “Launching the Kickstarter campaign will be my time to show the world the mission, values and details about Accel Lifestyle and how they can be a part of it.”

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