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Clariant makes commitment to Chinese nylon market

May 10th, 2018 / By: / What's New?

Clariant’s new AddWorks solutions are aimed at improving performance and efficiency of plastics materials for compounders, polymer and fiber producers in China’s major plastics manufacturing segments. The company is slated to open a new facility later in 2018 in Zhenjiang, China, which will be dedicated to the manufacture of AddWorks solutions tailored for the Chinese nylon production market. The company reports that the full AddWorks portfolio consists of market-specific synergistic additive blends underlined by considerations such as emission reduction, and less energy and resource usage. This includes:

The new AddWorks TFB 117 helps stabilize and smooth fiber production processes, protect color, and improve heat stability and mechanical properties of fibers. It’s designed to provide smooth spinnability with less filament breakage, including at low processing temperatures and when using high-speed spinning.

AddWorks ATR 146 is a new low-dosage, sulfur-free heat and light stabilizer for filled polypropylene (TPO) compounds used in automotive interior applications. It also contributes to reducing blooming and VOC emissions, in an effort to make automotive interiors healthier and odorless.

AddWorks LXR 568 is a processing stabilizer that helps prevent plastic resins, especially polyolefins, from degradation at high processing temperatures. It also has low migration and low fogging that may support healthier in-cab environments. It provides color and melt flow protection and offers resistance to hydrolysis and thermal stability.

Clariant is a global specialty chemical company focusing on energy efficiency, renewable raw materials, emission-free mobility and conserving finite resources.