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3D knit socks are also “shoes”

May 3rd, 2018 / By: / What's New?


Photo: Sandonini.

Italian company Sandonini Srl has created new samples of its ShoeSocks 3D, a knitted shoe upper made in one piece. With mono-cylinder and dial cylinder rib machines, the company can produce new styles in less than 2.5 minutes, using polyester, wool, cotton, Grilon and elastomeric yarns. The technology allows the creation of any type of knitting stitches, color and design, as well as a fast change of style, model and size, a recent Knitting Industry article reports.

ShoeSocks are made to measure and can be customized, according to company owner and CEO, Fiorenzo Sandonini. “They can be made in jersey jacquard fabric, terry fabric, mesh knit, net knit, rib knit jacquard, with waist single and double rib, and with a logo in a different colour. Both the inside and the outside of the ShoeSock can be created using any yarn, from polyester, nylon and polypropylene, to cotton, wool, viscose, Lycra, and more,” Mr Sandonini adds.

Sandonini reconditions and upgrades used socks, hosiery and seamless machines for global markets. The manufacturer will present the 3D knitted shoe uppers at the 2018 FIMAST exhibition for hosiery and knitting machinery, Brixia Forum, Fiera di Brescia, Italy.