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SGL Group develops new carbon fiber for aerospace

What's New? | March 14, 2018 | By:

SGL Group has developed a new carbon fiber, SIGRAFIL C T50-4.8/280, which is characterized by a high Young’s modulus, making it ideal for aerospace applications. Pressure vessels, drive shafts, profiles and sheet molding compounds (SMCs) are other applications for the fiber, which has good mechanical properties due to high stiffness and strength.

The high Young’s modulus based on a 50k fiber (50,000 individual filaments) is unique to the market. Previously, the company says, only fibers with lower numbers of filaments (for example12k or 24k) achieved these high mechanical properties. This classifies the new carbon fiber between standard modulus and intermediate modulus, with a property combination not exhibited before for 50k – in the “advanced modulus” range. Developed based on the 50k fiber used successfully in serial production in automotive projects, it is an excellent example of knowledge transfer within SGL Group, made possible thanks to activities in various industries. The new fiber provides an efficiency boost during processing, helping to expand the range of applications for carbon fiber composites.

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