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Textile coating system without C8 developed

February 12th, 2018 / By: / EcoNote

In response to the imminent ban on C8 fluorocarbon technology, due to emissions of PFOS and PFOA, Nano-Care Deutschland has developed a new textile coating system for water and oil repellency. The company set out to retain high standards of oil repellency while eliminating long-chain fluorination, the company says.

The result is based on what Oliver Sonntag, Nano-Care’s director, called a “silicon dioxide backbone.” The company’s Nanoflex F-Bond is based on liquid concentrates and is applied using common industrial dipping methods.

“Our particular focus is on military, workwear and health sectors, which have to satisfy especially high performance requirements and currently have only temporary permission to use C8 technologies. Their elimination – particularly outside the European Union – is an important step towards achieving ‘ecological sustainability’ in the textile industry,” Sonntag stated.

Nanoflex F-Bond is marketed under the umbrella brand Intelligent Hybrids. Nano-Care Deutschland AG has been developing coatings for textiles and other surfaces since its founding in 2000.