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L.L. Bean and Loomia technology to evaluate consumer use

What's New? | January 25, 2018 | By:

L.L.Bean will be exploring the applications of blockchain technology with Loomia, a technology company producing smart fabrics. The companies will evaluate how data from Loomia-enabled L.L. Bean apparel can assess the extended use and performance of the outdoor retailer’s products. The first tests will involve incorporating Loomia Electronic Layer (LEL) into L.L. Bean jackets and boots. The LEL, composed of washable and dryable flexible circuitry, can heat, light and sense.

L.L.Bean will research implementing Loomia’s circuitry to collect data from apparel, including information about temperature, motion and frequency of wear. Once the data is collected, consumers will be able to transfer the information to L.L. Bean via the Loomia TILE, a component, Loomia reports, that ensures secure and anonymous data transfer. Users will win rewards for sharing the data with L.L. Bean.

Loomia IP works in several areas: flexible apparel-friendly connectors, components, stretchy direct-to-textile conductive inks, custom battery form factors, and e-patterned materials.

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