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RÖJK makes a pledge for the planet

EcoNote | November 30, 2017 | By:

The Swedish apparel company RÖJK has announced that by 2020 all of its products will be 100 percent biodegradable and natural. The pledge extends to using no synthetic colors or chemicals. Instead, the company will primarily attain colors from recycled foods, such as nuts, vegetables and spices, from the food processing industry. RÖJK acknowledges that the color palette will be less vast and will likely cost more, but the company is willing to sacrifice profit to maintain the pledge. 

The company also promises that all packaging materials will be 100 percent biodegradable no later than 2023. And RÖJK may consider new production facilities if the new location provides shorter shipping distances and a smaller carbon footprint for the company as a whole.

RÖJK’s provided this message to consumers, encouraging them to recycling their clothes: “When you feel that your old hoodie or jacket has reached the end of its life cycle, you can choose to either recycle it or put it in the ground and grow vegetables from it, should you want to. And should it for some reason end up in a forest or lake, it will eventually break down and become one with the soil rather than pollute it.”

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