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Zansors and Blauer develop defense wearables

November 14th, 2017 / By: / Industry News

Technical Textiles reports that Zansors, a health care innovation company, and Blauer Manufacturing Inc., a maker of uniforms, outerwear, protective apparel and accessories for first responders and military users, will introduce wearable technology in defense textiles.

Zansors’ sensor technology will join Blauer’s apparel to create smart gear with mission-specific applications. The gear is expected to monitor both internal and external factors to improve performance and safety. For example, fabrics can be used to capture biometric data, like breathing, motion or ECG, as well as external factors such as determining location or detecting chemical gases. The real-time information may support decision-making by military leaders and responder agencies.

Individuals in the field may benefit from textiles that can adapt to local conditions. Fabrics with sensors can be developed to change colors, be more sweat friendly, ballistic hardened, or tear and puncture proof.