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Wi-Care innovation: my-DBuddy dementia jacket

October 19th, 2017 / By: / What's New?

Can you design a jacket for people with dementia?” That question from Helga Rohra, a renowned activist promoting a better life for people living with dementia, inspired an innovation by Wilma Verhoeks, owner of Wi-Care, a Dutch company specializing in fashion for people with special needs.

Verhoeks designed “my-DBuddy,” a jacket that addresses multiple needs for people with memory loss challenges. It includes room for a picture on the strap used for hanging up the coat, so users can easily identify their jackets; color-coordinated high-tech hook and loop straps to make closing the jacket easy; a key cord, so keys aren’t lost or left indoors; and a hidden pouch that can harbor a name and address to help identify people if they become disoriented.

The jacket is now commercially available and was recently highlighted at the European Alzheimer Conference in Berlin.The my-DBuddy platform is open and Wi-Care welcomes ideas for added applications, which can be developed and marketed by others under my-DBuddy’s umbrella.

For every jacket purchased, 50 euros will be contributed to local Alzheimer’s organizations in the countries where my-DBuddy is sold.

Wi-Care BV fashion aims to provide freedom, sovereignty, dignity, security, beauty, modernity, integration, inclusion, warmth, independence and identity, as well as more time and less workload.