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Beer-resistant shoes debut in time for Oktoberfest

September 18th, 2017 / By: / What's New?

Oktoberfest can be celebrated this year with a shoe from adidas that’s made especially to withstand spilled beer – and anything else that might land on them. “Prost” shoes are made of leather coated in DBP resin to make the shoes resistant to spills they could encounter among the festivals celebrants.

The leather construction of the shoes is inspired by lederhosen and the design includes red and white checked lining, reminiscent of Munich’s Oktoberfest tablecloths.

At about €200 wearers will have to settle for a single color: a rich brown with light brown stripes and speckled laces. “Prost” (“cheers” in German) is on the side of the shoe, which also come with a beer mug, presumably also limited edition like the shoes.