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ZIPPKOOL® supports worker safety

What's New? | August 29, 2017 | By:

Heat safety is often a major concern for workers. Scheduled for release in February 2018, the new ZIPPCOOL® helmet cooler and ANSI Class 3 High Visibility Cooling Jacket aim to keep workers in construction, agriculture and manufacturing cool in hot environments.

The company reports that the ZIPPKOOL Cooling Jacket works in hot environments between 80 and 115 degrees F. with humidity up to 95 percent. The temperature inside the jacket can be lowered by 25 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity lowered by up to 30 percent. The jacket is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery and lasts from six to 24 hours in a single charge.

Developed in Japan 15 years ago by SFT Laboratory Co. Ltd., the original product made its debut in the U.S. in 2015.

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