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Outdoor brands are EOCA conservation champions

EcoNote | July 28, 2017 | By:

The European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) has named Arc’teryx, Ortlieb and Snugpak as 2017 Conservation Champions, an award given to members that have “gone the extra mile” to support conservation. The 2017 winners are being recognized for having “taken the initiative to raise extra money for and awareness of conservation,” EOCA stated.

Canadian outdoor brand Arc’teryx donated to EOCA 5 percent of all European online sales of more than 500 euros during Cyber Monday in December 2016. Arc’teryx employed the same model to raise more funds on Earth Day in April 2017 and has pledged to use the model again.

Germany-based waterproof bag company Ortlieb regularly donates products to the Conservation Fundraiser. The company also researches projects for EOCA to consider funding.

U.K. sleeping bag manufacturer Snugpak regularly nominates conservation projects and is involved in promoting and supporting them. The company also works to raise international awareness of all EOCA projects.

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